Impact of Science


posredujemo informacije o mreži AESIS z vabilom k članstvu, vabilom na konferenco in seminar 9. in 10. junija 2016, prošnjo po promociji dogodkov s strani mreže AESIS ter informacije o ugodnostih za člane Slovenske TTmreže (Združenja SI-TT)

Z lepimi pozdravi,
Levin Pal, sekretar Združenja SI-TT


AESIS, a network that has been established in the summer of 2015 with a specific focus on assessing and stimulating the societal impact of science. Chair of this network is Koenraad Debackere of the KU Leuven; see

AESIS network aims to support the advancement and evaluation of the societal impact of science in all its aspects, by bringing together stakeholders and facilitating discussions. They all share a care to strengthen the development of effective mechanisms for measuring and demonstrating the impact of scientific research on society and to optimise the impact on our economy, culture and well-being. While impact of science is becoming an undisputed item on the agenda of policy makers, research managers, university strategists and science funders, it is important that the experience and know how of knowledge transfer professionals is being heard and included in the discussions. From the outset tech transfer and knowledge exchange professionals have operated in the heart of this field. We therefore actively seek connection to the tech transfer / knowledge exchange community as to ensure a balanced platform.

In order to build up a substantial and balanced community we are now reaching out to as many players in this arena and offer a membership for free (including access to various services and reduction offers).  On top of that, we would like to offer the TT/KT community a special welcome. It is for this reason that we are currently addressing all European TT networks with a special offer (an extra reduction for your members plus one ticket with 50% discount on the conference fee per national TT network). In return we would appreciate if you can help us with some promotion among your members/network to spread our new initiative and reach out to as many people as possible.

Enclosed is a draft outline of the programme of our next two events, the conference ‘Impact of Science’ (9&10 June), as well as the add on seminar on ‘the Impact of EU funded research’ (8 June), plus a short outline of our proposal. At this very moment we are finalising the programme and its speakers.



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