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EPO Academy

Study visit to the EPO Munich

Students from all fields are invited to visit the EPO Munich on 17 February 2017.

The aim of this study visit is to raise awareness of the European patent system among students in all fields at European universities and other interested people.

The study visit provides hands-on experience of the EPO and offers insight into the work of EPO experts, patent examiners and lawyers.


17 February 2017 (deadline 3 February)


EPO Munich

Level of expertise
Entry level



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All study visits in 2017
17 February, EPO Munich (deadline 3 February): entry level, general
21 March, EPO The Hague (deadline 7 March): advanced level, focus on computer-implemented inventions
23 June, EPO Munich (deadline 9 June):entry level, general
12 October, EPO The Hague (deadline 29 September): advanced level, focus on European patent law and biotechnology

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